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We are a small organisation with huge aspirations to inspire more love in our world . We are in the very early stages of developing our site.

We are operating on good lovely will. We are a small group of part timers. 

Please support us by sharing our social media post. We do not have a marketing budget. Actually there is no budget.

You are invited to help in anyway. We want to start other projects. 

We have a no frills Patreon account if you want to support Bit Loves. (click here)

Thank you for taking time out to learn more us. we will be updating this soon.

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Meet the team


I'm a 25 year old professional fundraiser who studied Geography and Politics BA at Queen Mary. I've been engaged in many social justice causes including the Muslims against ISIS #notinmyname campaign and supporting litigants in person at the Royal Courts of Justice. I live in Brighton now and have a new focus on self-empowerment through lifestyle choices. I'm learning lots about nutrition, yoga, and various mystery schools to find answers to the ailments of modern life.

Alice Roder



I am a creative activist, a teacher, an artist, a dancer, a musician, a volunteering addict, and much more. I am the founder of,,

I love connecting with people and sharing smiles. I am driven by a passion to live in a more harmonious world where we can appreciate the beauty in each other.

Kwame Djemjem


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