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Healing our world with a Bit of Love 

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On 8th Aug 2020, a group of friends, family and I came together to honour all the people who contributed to ending the enslavement of Africans. We aimed to challenge the common narrative in Britain where the oppressors became the saviours, virtually overnight. A narrative which is debilitating to the descendants of the oppressors and the descendants of the enslaved.


It was a beautiful day. We give thanks to Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London for removing the statue of the Slave Trader Robert Milligan outside the museum of London to make way for our tribute. On the day we prayed, we sang, we danced and we created a tribute to the Haitian ancestors Adbaraya Toya, Toussaint Louverture. We also honoured Queen Nzinga, Nanny of the Maroons, Nat Turner, William Wilberforce and all the people who resisted enslavement.

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Welcome to


"We are dedicated to inspiring more love in our World"

We engage in creative expressions to raise awareness of issues in our world that require more Love. We encourage people to express their feelings in a creative loving way, in doing so they raise awareness and get a deeper understanding of the issues we face. 
Our relationship with mother nature and each other are our key concerns.

Exercising our Creativity is Key


With Love, Respect, and Creative Expressions we can affect positive change in our society. When we engage our creativity and focus on traumatic experiences, we gain a deeper understanding of the issues we face. This can be a very effective way to learn and heal our pains. Art, poetry, music, drama, and any other creative expression are the catalysts for our healing. 

We are tired of Misery

We feel the pain and suffering in our world, in our environment, and in people's hearts. Greed is the root of most of this misery. We are tired of this relentless unnecessary misery.

We all want to live in a more harmonious world.

Our First Project - End of Enslavement Memorial

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